How Aeration Can Really Improve Your Yard

Having a beautiful, attractive yard with healthy green grass is a must for the warm weather. Properties with great lawns make the neighborhood look wonderful and help foster a sense of community.

Many times, your lawn will have issues that need to be addressed, and one thing that can happen is the compaction of your soil that causes your grass to thin or become damaged, or not grow at all.

There is a great solution for this known as aeration.

Aeration is the process of poking or puncturing small holes into the turf of your lawn with manually operated or engine driven machines that allow water, air, and nutrients to flow back into the root network of your lawn.

The Facts About How Aeration Can Improve Your Yard

No matter your location, the process of aeration can make your lawn look its best while ensuring it is healthy and will flourish.

Dealing with Compacted Soil

Soil can become heavily compacted quite easily, and some soils are naturally prone to compaction, such as those consisting mostly of clay.

If your yard has to withstand a lot of traffic, such as children or pets playing freely and often or adults hosting activities, your chances of compaction are high.

Good thing, having your lawn aerated will compensate for this phenomenon.

When to Aerate Your Lawn

Most people have their lawns aerated once year. Aeration is performed using special equipment to introduce holes into the turf. This equipment is usually either manually operated, such as “shoes” you can wear to walk on the lawn, or “push” machines that operate without electricity or gasoline. These machines are usually used for smaller lawns or for those people who prefer this method.

There are also aeration machines for larger lawns that run on gasoline or electricity that perform aeration automatically while you walk behind them.

Aeration will definitely make your grass grow lusher and thicker, and become healthy again, as the roots will grow better and the grass itself will grow greener and fuller over time. You can perform aeration at any time during the year, except for the winter months. The optimal time for aeration is usually in the spring or early summer or in the fall.

Overseeding After Aeration

Should you decide to perform overseeding, aeration should be performed immediately preceding it so you can get the most benefits out of it since new grass shoots are just getting a foothold in the soil.

This helps them develop more fully and become better established.

Other Information About Aeration You Should Know

Aeration is a critical lawn care task for the responsible homeowner who wants their lawn to be healthy and should not be overlooked if you have heavily compacted soil.

A healthy lawn will add value to your property and neighborhood, and aeration is a part of the normal upkeep of your lawn.

If you are considering aeration, you should inspect your lawn to see if the soil is compacted or if the lawn is growing rough and could use some help.

Ideally, aeration should be performed once a year for the average lawn, sometimes twice per year if the soil is extremely compacted or receives heavy-duty traffic.

There are criteria that preclude the best time of year to aerate your lawn, and it should be timed with other tasks for best results. How often you should perform aeration will also vary due to the type of soil you have.

Let’s take a look at some of the criteria and requirements for performing aeration here. The optimal time of year to aerate your lawn are based on 3 distinct conditions:

1. Type of Grass

Cool season grasses are best aerated in the fall season.

Grasses in the Lexington, Kentucky area are primarily cool season grasses, such as tall fescue grass where soil is best aerated in the fall season. Other types of grass also need aeration, and a lot of this depends on the region in which you live and what kind of grasses are common.

2. Soil Type

Those lawns with sandy or loamy soil need not have aeration performed routinely. In this case, alternating years are adequate. For clay based soil that compacts easily, aeration must be performed more frequently or there will most likely be issues with grass health.

3. Soil Moisture

If your soil is moist, you should perform the aeration work when the growth of your grass is high, such as the summer or fall seasons.

If drought has struck your lawn, the fall is a better time to aerate your yard as the stress will make the regrowth of your grass easier to accomplish. The soil needs to be moist before you perform aeration, as the tines of the equipment need to be able to penetrate the soil and form pockets in order for air, water, and nutrients to seep down into the soil.

If you do decide to aerate in the spring, you should wait until you have mowed the lawn several times before attempting to aerate the lawn. Weed seeds, however, will just proliferate in the spring time and aeration will just “stir them up” and make them grow. In the Lexington, Kentucky area, it is known that the better time to aerate is generally in the fall.

When You Want Expert Help to Tackle Aeration

For most people, lawn care is something they would love to do but don’t have the time or energy to perform on a consistent basis.

Professionals who know what they are doing are available however, and they have all the knowledge, expertise, and equipment (that can be costly to rent or buy) to do the job right.

If you would rather have experts handle the task of aeration for you rather than attempt it yourself, the results you are looking for are only a phone call away.

If you live in the Lexington, Kentucky area and want the best for all your lawn care needs, just visit our website and bookmark it, and contact us when you have the time.