Improve Your Yard with These 8 Spring Lawn Care Tips

Every year, the spring awakens the world, and trees start to blossom, flowers poke their heads up, and our lawns begins to make its comeback from the cold winter months.

Everyone with a lawn knows they need to take steps to prepare for the coming seasons of warm weather, but not everyone knows what to do to get their lawn ready for Spring.

Before you get going to get your yard ready for the summer, you will want to know just what you need to do, so we have put together a list.

The Top 8 Spring Lawn Care Tips

1. Raking

Raking is the first order of business you should perform when doing a spring clean-up. It allows you to pull up and gather materials such as dead grass, litter, debris, and old leaves from the surface of your lawn and prepare it for everything else you will need to do such as lawn mowing, etc.

Raking also allows you to thin out built-up areas of thatch that have developed and make your lawn ready for new growth. After raking, you’ll be able to identify trouble spots and areas that need overseeding or fertilization.

2. Seeding

If you have identified areas of your lawn that need new grass to be grown, you have to make a decision whether you are going to overseed your lawn in the spring or perform weed control, because it is not advised to do both at once. Overseeding your entire lawn is best done in the fall. Spot seeding small bare spots is easily done as long as you are not using a weed preventer.

3. Watering

You will absolutely need to be certain that your lawn is heavily watered for the first few weeks before you see new growth if you are seeding bare areas. Applying at least 1 inch of water on all lawn areas is advised, if there has not been adequate rainfall. If you can’t get a new in-ground irrigation system installed, you can make do with an outdoor timer and sprinkler set-up. At all times, make sure your lawn is properly watered to achieve optimal growth and health for your lawn.

4. Aerating

Check your soil for compaction and if you are in need of aeration, you can decide to perform it or have it done for you. For smaller lawns, you can use manual aeration equipment or rent machines that perform the aeration.

Aeration will foster root growth by allowing air, nutrients, and water to seep deep into the root system by the introduction of tiny holes that are perforated into the turf.

5. Fertilizing

Apply a springtime fertilizer to your lawn. Water your lawn after fertilizing in order to make the fertilizer absorb into the soil.

6. Treat Bare Spots

Small areas of your lawn may require a tiny amount of overseeding to make the grass grow back. Make sure you are not performing weed control on these areas, as the weed killer will prevent your seeds from germinating.

7. Bed Edging

The early spring makes your soil soft and easy to work with. Take advantage of this and perform any necessary bed edging when weather permits. You may utilize a sharp-edged spade shovel or a half moon edger to cut trenches along the edges of your beds, 2-3 inches in depth. In the growing season, you can then make use of a string trimmer to maintain the edge of your beds right up until the fall.

8. Soil Testing

The optimal time of the year to conduct needed tests on your soil is the spring. Using testing kits, or taking a sample to the local extension office, test the pH balance of your soil and if the soil is acidic, you may then move to apply lime to your lawn to bring the alkaline balance to its proper level. If you are planting new grass and not fertilizing, conditions are ideal to lay down lime to adjust your soil’s pH levels.

Finding Help is as Easy as Making a Phone Call

You may need professional assistance with your yard if you feel the work is beyond what you can reasonably accomplish, is more than you want to do, or if you just don’t have the time in your busy schedule.

No matter what the reason, there are experts available in the Lexington, Kentucky area who would be glad to work on your lawn not only in the Spring, but during all seasons, committed to meet all your lawn care needs.

If you want a hand with your yard and don’t know where to turn, just visit our website and bookmark it for future reference, where getting the help you need is only a phone call away.