Lawn Mowing Services in Lexington, KY

As lawn care professionals, Hey Mow! offers quality lawn mowing at great prices. Why waste your summer hot and sweaty in the yard when you can have the lawn experts at Hey Mow! handle your lawn for you?

Why You Should Trust Your Lawn Mowing to the Professionals

Lawn mowing is not always as simple as it seems. If you cut your grass too short, you could end up with grass that is browning or turning yellow in splotchy patches. Many things affect how well grass will grow with regular cutting. This includes:

  1. The Type of Grass: Different varieties of grass require different lawn treatments. Some need to grow a little longer before cutting or they will tend to wither and die. Other varieties are designed to be cut short and thrive. Most grasses in our area need to be cut at four inches to maintain good health.
  2. The Height of the Lawn Mower Blades: Depending on the type of grass and other factors such as the season and weather, the lawn mower blades may need to be raised or lowered to cut the grass to its most optimal length.
  3. The Time of Year: Lawns should actually be prepared for the winter by being mowed in the fall, often with increasingly shorter blades to lower the height of the grass over time.

Trust the Lawn Care Professionals at Hey Mow!

At Hey Mow! we are experts in lawn mowing. We know how to create the right mowing schedule – with appropriate lawn mower blade height – depending on the type of grass and the shape your lawn is in. You won’t need to guess how often your lawn needs mowing or worry that you have cut the grass too short. Whether you have had years of patchy, uneven grass or just want to let someone else do the work, let Hey Mow! take care of all your lawn mowing needs.