Hey Mow! Offers Mulching Services in Lexington, KY


Mulching is one of those important aspects of garden care and landscaping that needs to be done. Yet, it often gets pushed to the wayside due to the time and energy it takes.

You are a busy person and probably have better things to do than mulch your flowerbeds and landscape.

Why not sit back, relax with a cool iced tea or lemonade, and let the experts at Hey Mow! handle your mulching for you?

What Is Mulching and Why Does My Garden Need It?

Mulching is taking organic material such as grass clippings, peat moss, straw, wood chips or shredded dark hardwood and either embedding it in or laying it on top of your flowerbeds or landscape.

For gardens, sometimes inorganic mulch is used, such as stone (or synthetic stone) and recycled rubber. The three types of mulch we typically use for gardens and landscaping are shredded dark hardwood, pine straw, and wood chips.

Mulch is typically applied in a layer approximately 2-3 inches thick.

5 Benefits of Mulching

Mulching has many benefits when it is done properly. They include:

1. Mulch Helps Soil Hold onto Moisture

Especially if you are in a drought, the more moisture your soil can hold, the better. Mulch helps hold in that moisture to help your flowers and shrubs grow.

2. Mulch Protects Your Garden from the Elements, Especially When Seasons Change

Mulch can insulate your garden when it is cold and prepare it for the warm weather. There are many different ways mulch can be used to protect your garden during extremes of hot and cold.

3. Mulch Supports Tree Growth

Adding a ring of mulch around the trunk of a tree can protect its roots, nourish the tree, and help it grow.

4. Mulch Reduces Weed Growth

Proper application of mulch can help stop weeds from taking over your garden.

5. Mulch Can Be Used for Landscaping

Mulch in the form of wood chips and other hardy materials can provide a decorative element to your flowerbeds and landscape.

Let the Mulching Experts Take Care of Your Garden and Landscapes

We’ve just skimmed the surface here about what mulch can really do for your residential landscape. Contact us at Hey Mow! and we’ll consult with you on the best ways to use mulch for your garden and landscaping.