Rejuvenate Your Lawn with Overseeding in Lexington, KY

As experts in lawn care, we know how to create beautiful lawns through the effective use of overseeding.

When it comes to lawns, “overseeding” doesn’t mean that you have seeded your lawn too much.

Rather, it refers to adding seed to an existing lawn to help rejuvenate it.

How Overseeding Helps Lawns

Over time, lawns can become less than vibrant through wear and tear. Old grass will eventually die off, leaving patches and brown spots.

Overseeding repairs this damage with the addition of new grass seed to repair unsightly damage caused by drought and weed competition.

4 Considerations When Overseeding a Lawn

Overseeding is definitely one of those lawn maintenance techniques that benefit from professional consultation and implementation.

Many different issues can impact a lawn, and these are important to consider when overseeding. They include:

  1. Making Sure the Existing Grass Is Disease-Free. If your lawn is getting scraggly due to a plant disease, this should be confirmed and taken care of prior to overseeding.
  2. Choosing the Right Seed Mix. While it might seem obvious to overseed with the same strain of grass as is already growing, this is not a given.Actually, having a mix of grass seed might work the best, especially when considering shade and other factors.
  3. Preparing the Lawn for Overseeding. You don’t just throw a bunch of new seed on the lawn and hope for the best.To properly overseed a lawn, you need to prepare it first.This may include aerating the soil and using starter fertilizer to get things going.
    Dethatching may be necessary in some cases.
  4. Maintaining the New Lawn Seed. Once the overseeding has been completed, the lawn will require a little bit of extra love and maintenance.A mowing schedule will be set up that depends on the existing grass and the new seed.Seeds also need to be watered to grow. This is very important and should be said again, after seeding your lawn will require watering to properly establish.

We Are Lawn Overseeding Experts

Why go through all the hassle of trying to overseed your lawn yourself, when Hey Mow! can do it for you?

We are experts in lawn care.

This includes overseeding, mowing, aerating, and mulching.

Through our comprehensive approach to lawn care, you will end up with a beautiful lawn that is easy to maintain – since we’ll do it for you!